RV stand for resentful vehicle

I’ve been kind of quiet about my RV the past couple of weeks. After getting it out of winter storage it spent some time in the shop to get some work done and then I replaced the roof, during which time it sat in my driveway while the roof was replaced.

I took it on one trip after that the weekend of May 19-21 without any incidents however it was on my first trip out that I discovered that the shop had forgotten to hook up the gas gauge. I know how much gas my tank holds (just over 32 gallons) and I know about what kind of mileage I get plus that first trip was to someplace I had been before so I knew exactly where I could stop for gas and not worry about running out, although it was disconcerting to see that gauge at less than empty that trip!

I contacted the shop about having the gauge hooked back up. I initially thought I was dropping it off the Thursday before Memorial Day, but they were booked and I need my RV for that weekend to do a SIMPLE THERMOSTAT CHANGE and radiator hose change, or so I thought, so I ended up dropping it off on Memorial Day after failing to do that SIMPLE THERMOSTAT CHANGE and radiator hose change. Slams head into desk. Parts are hard to find. Especially when they give you the wrong thing. I ended up overheating four times on the way to the shop.

So not only did they need to fix the thing they broke (the gas gauge) now they needed to fix the thing I broke (improperly changing out the thermostat gasket since it turns out the thermostat was fine.

It’s still there. Yesterday, two weeks to the day I dropped it off they finally tell me the thermostat is done and it’s up and running again. Gas gauge still wasn’t fixed. And now there is apparently a “SAFETY” issue, something about the axle rolling when the brakes are applied. Something about bushings and kingpins (I’ve known about the kingpins should be changed but they weren’t critical and since I only few at most 2k miles on it last year and they said last year it wasn’t critical, this was kind of a shocker to hear). Now the service writer is trying to locate bushings.


I was planning on going dipnetting this week (a 600 miles round trip journey), and to Tanacross again the next weekend (400 miles round trip) and then I have a week planned in Denali the week after that (270 miles round trip). The fish aren’t running too strong yet so dipnetting can wait, but I really need my rig back by June 16. Is it unfair to say get it done by then? I’m not sure how big of a job this is…….

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