Available for Adoption: Athena, female boa

See all the fosters here If you are interested in adopting this animal, please contact Joyce.

This is Athena, a female boa constrictor that was dropped at the shelter in March of 2013. Due to the combined efforts of Jamie, Iris and Joyce, she, along with the other two that were dropped off at the same time, we pulled from the shelter within 24 hours of being surrendered. She is now being fostered and needs a new home!
Athena and Jamie

She is a very nice snake, enjoys being handled. Eats frozen pre-killed prey items.
my face

She is a very large snake and as such, she needs to go to a home with two adults willing to handle her or a home with adults and teen children.

Want to help support Athena’s care with a donation? Any amount will help!

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