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More harvest for dinner

Salmon steak from last week’s fishing trip to Chitina, plus romanesco I grew in my garden. Potatoes are from local farmers market too!    

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First time growing radishes, plus they were from seed! I think it might be time to pull this one.   I’ve asked in one of my gardening groups:   ” They don’t re-grow/re-sprout, right? Just pull the entire plant and feed … Continue reading

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Wild Strawberries

My little strawberry plants have strawberries!   Today I had to remove all the grass and weeds and plan to cover that area with hay to prevent further weeds from growing up, but when I did that I noticed I … Continue reading

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Raspberry bushes add privacy

A friend gave me three raspberry bushes that she pulled out of her community garden spot.  I put them to the left side of the yard near the fence, in hopes they get big and bushy and give us some … Continue reading

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rocks and roses

I was able to get rocks from a couple ladies off a facebook group today and now my sitka rose bushes and strawberry plants are now safe from the cutting blades of the lawnmower!  

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Gardening from seeds

I’m trying to raise my own plants again this year.  So far I’ve got lettuce, tomatoes, kolrabi, radishes and two kinds of swiss chard started and they seem to be doing well after just one week. Keeping them away from … Continue reading

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