Denali Day 5, Wednesday July 5, A day of rest, a shower, a bear on the road and a ranger talk (no pics yet)


I decided yesterday after my big adventure hiking on the park road that I was going to take today easy. I slept until 10 again, had a nice breakfast of coconut yogurt with banana, some coffee, some yoga and decided I was going to take a shower since it was nice and warm and I needed a shower!

So I got out my camper shower that hooks into my propane and water system and enjoyed a lovely warm shower. The PTA baths with warm water have been a nice addition to help with staying cleanish while camping, but being able to take an actual warm shower and wash my hair makes me understand why folks like their huge RVs with the built-in showers. If I lived in an RV full time I could see myself needing that, but for now, that’s a luxury I don’t need especially since my pop up shower tent and propane shower works so well now!

After stowing all that needed to be stowed I packed up my bag and got on a bus heading for Eielson at 12:25. The driver seemed nice, if not a bit more uptight about the rules than some of the others. He wanted bear spray under the bus and reminded us every time we got back on the bus about the requirement to wear seat belts, something new that all the other drivers mentioned at least once but not too frequently this year. The bus was somber when I got on and I had to sit in the very back since the driver was reserving the front seat for his stuff and trash (but when he picked up another ranger the ranger was allowed to sit there).

Our ride out to Eielson seemed quieter than other days. We saw one bear REALLY FAR away and some caribou that was far too, but we also saw a golden eagle sitting in PRETTY ROCKS. We did see a single bear just before we go over Stony Hill heading towards Fish Creek and Eielson and he was close enough to get a few good shots.

The day was sunny and dusty, as compared to the other overcast days and though I intended to rest I got off the bus at Eielson and started walking towards Fish Creek again, but I had only made it around a couple curves when the dust started bothering me, as did my feet so I turned around and was back in time to get on Ryan’s bus again.

Our ride back was excellent. There was a bear on the road and we passed right by it so I got some amazing close shots. WOHOO!
We also encountered a caribou on the road that blocked our path for about 10 minutes so we followed it and got some good butt shots for him.  And there was another caribou just off the road and I’m pretty sure I got some good shots of him too.

As is normal we picked up hikers along the road and picked up a large group at the Tek river just before going up the big hill. We had a full bus so I decided to get out at the overlook and walk back to camp. WHY? I have no idea except I figured getting out at the Tek campground from the very back of the full bus would be harder. I am so tired now, but it’s a good tired.


I was back by 6:30 today so I had time to make it to a ranger talk. Ranger Bill gave the talk and it was entertaining for the most part. I did hear that a group here in the campground saw a LYNX last night so I’m still hopeful I’ll find one to photograph. I’m also thinking bike ride of Sable Pass tomorrow if the weather cooperates.

I had a lighter dinner of a big salad of tomatoes, cucumber, and avocado with some ramen. Dessert was beer, melatonin, and ibuprofen.

As mentioned before I’m going to need to break up posting my photos since there are so many.  Blog post for now and I’ll add photos as I get to them.


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