Feb 22: Pain Beyond Frustration

It’s been over a month since my wrist started hurting and it’s much worse at this point. I spent most the the past two weekends in pain and most of this past one I was either at the edge of tears or actually sobbing.

I was supposed to have a followup for my shoulder today and PT, but when I called to confirm the doctor appointment they said it was rescheduled for tomorrow. No one asked or told me it was rescheduled and had I not called to check I would have fought -30F temps to get to an appointment that did not exist.

This also happened for my appointment last Monday too, which is why I figured I should call to check.

I had also scheduled my normally on Tuesday PT today around this appointment today, but since my hand hurts so much I can hardly use it I canceled the PT today. I probably should have gone, but I’m too tired and painful to deal. Everything is setting me into fits of sobbing and I really don’t want to have a meltdown at PT.

I have an MRI scheduled tomorrow. Hopefully with that information we can get to the bottom of my wrist and hand pain. I’m tired of being at a 7.

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