Post-surgery prep for backpacking trips

After my first backpacking adventure last summer where I carried way too much weight, got soaking wet, and had an experience that some would say would turn them off backpacking forever, I’m somehow determined to do a couple of trips this summer. But my recent shoulder surgery has made me ever so much more mindful of what I will physically be able to do so I’m trying to lighten my load. By changing to an ethically-sourced down sleeping quilt and a lighter-with tent I’ve shaved four pounds off my base weight. Those are also going to be my most expensive items too I suspect.

I think I will shop for a lighter backpack since my current one is over 4lbs, but I want to try it on in person and need to wait for my shoulder and arm to be more healed up since I’m only 8 weeks out post-surgery and can barely lift up my arm to put on a hoodie. I am not going for ultra-lightweight and I like to take my camera which adds about 4-5 lbs, but I think I can still get my base weight closer to 23-25lbs.

My lighterpack list so far:

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