Week 8, day 2: pushing through it

Didn’t think I was going to make it through today’s workout. Dead-bugs from yesterday left my abs sore, down-dog to up-dog in the warm up stretched those abs out in a painful and needed way, but also are still pretty hard for me since I don’t have my full upper body strength back yet.

Then there was STRENGTH which did feel so hard. I added 5# to my dead-lifts for a total of 25# and the lateral box step overs I did with 8# DB. So far so good!

But the METCON felt brutal for some reason. A total of 60 each of DB thrusters, box step overs and ring rows. Those thrusters really tired me out and I had to scale down to 5# from 8# after the first 10.

But I did it all. And that’s something to be proud of.

Side note: I’ve decided to just count how many weeks I’m on for this program even though this is a different round of workout I’m not going to break it up like that.

Today required a lot of gear to get through the workout.
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