week 10, day 3: walking with fire

I noticed a helicopter hoovering near the river on my walk today with a bucket attached. It was flying circles and appeared to be dumping something. By the time I got to the end of my walk a small crowd was watching this process of fire management as a brush fire had been started on the opposite side of the river and fire crews as well as the helicopter were dealing with it. By the time I got there it was smouldering, but I saw photos of it and it was pretty big with large flames at one point.

I’m hoping this summer is not full of fires and the resulting shitty air full of ash that I’ve seen happen in the decade I lived here. Both for selfish reasons since it tends to trap me indoors due to my lungs and because raging fires are not good for our environment.

End of the fire. You can see the helicopter to the left of the center and if you zoom in you can even see firefighters in the brush!

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