It’s not easy finding homes for them all…..

Taking in and caring for sick, hurt, abandoned or otherwise considered “throw-away animals” comes easily to me. Taking in an animal and ensuring it gets healthy again is the easy part. Finding homes for them where I feel they will get as good or better care than I give is pretty rare, which is why at one point this year I had three cats, two ferrets and eleven snakes. The deaths of two of my beloved mammals over the summer brought our small menagerie count down as well. It’s starting to feel manageable again.

Last night one of those throw-away animals, Medusa, a small ball python that would have died without my intervention and has been with me since Feb of 2014, finally found a new foster home with someone that can give her more attention than I can provide given my obligations to so many little souls. I was a bit torn about letting her go, but I’m sure she will get lots of attention that I just cannot give. And that makes me very, very happy

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