Downtown aurora, Oct 6

These were seen from my house downtown Fairbanks around 9pm.

Big aurora storm is still coming through and though I was not planning on going out this week, I think I might end up heading out tonight anyway.

Sony a6000, Rokinon 12mm. Aperture Priority, ISO at either 800, 2000 or 4000.

I also darkened most of these just a bit during post-processing since they were so light that they looked odd to me. Got to to relearn how to properly set my camera to shoot aurora!

I was not planning on going out at all this week since I’ve got a house project with a deadline deadline, but given the data I might head out tonight anyway.

_DSC4747 _DSC4748 _DSC4749 _DSC4750 _DSC4751 _DSC4752 _DSC4753 _DSC4754 _DSC4755 _DSC4756 _DSC4757 _DSC4758 _DSC4759 _DSC4760 _DSC4761 _DSC4762 _DSC4763 _DSC4764 _DSC4765 _DSC4766 _DSC4767 _DSC4768 _DSC4769 _DSC4770 _DSC4772 _DSC4773 _DSC4774 _DSC4775 _DSC4776 _DSC4777 _DSC4778 _DSC4779I can sleep next week, right?

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