Aurora season starts with a bang

I headed out last night to chase with my friend Susan. The data looked really good and though the immediate area weather did not look promising, we decided to head south towards Delta Junction to see if we could find a break in the clouds. Birch Lake gave us that break along with the opportunity for some reflection shots and though there were some clouds I think they added interest to the night.

We left at about 8:30pm so we could find a spot before darkness set in and I was tucked into bed by 3am. A good night chasing with a few stops after we left the lake too since sometimes the Lady dances when she wants and you just have to make due with the side of the road!


Pretty sunset reflection. Sony a6000 with Rokinon 12mm

Big Dipper helps me figure out where to look for the aurora and it gives me a chance to try to focus my stars too.

The aurora started out low, like usual.

With time it slowly grew brighter, wider and higher in the sky.


Two bands and reflection.

Foreground bench that scared me when I first nearly tripped over it. The owls were hooting and other nighttime animals made sounds that I was not accustomed to hearing so this big thing was a bit of a startle when I first saw it with the grass sticking up out of the end.

Playing with Lightroom a bit more than usual on this one. Trying to figure out how to get the color more like what I recall.

Long exposure made that center star quite soft.

Still playing with Lightroom on this one. The orange in the background was really interesting but was in the wrong direction to be the sunset and the sky was much, much darker.

Stopping along the road since the Aurora decided she was not done dancing.

Look at those clouds trying to roll in!


Sometimes the mundane objects like signs can add interest.

I could just barely make out this pink with the naked eye, but my camera was able to get it!

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