Yoga devil in spandex pants

Anyone who identifies as a Power/Hot/Warm Vinyasa Yoga teacher might be the devil in spandex pants. And I’m starting to think anyone who prefers Lizard over pigeon might immediately fall into this category as well. Not because Lizard is hard for me, in fact it’s too easy due to my extended range of flexibility, but it’s one that I too easily flop into unsupported by muscles and therefore almost always end up overstretched the next day with even tighter hip muscles than I had before.

Another Vinyasa class last night and today my arms, pecs and back ache. Liking the challenge, not loving the classes, but not willing to waste the punch card money so I’ve got three of NOT QUITE MY KIND OF YOGA classes more to go. But I’m sticking with it and that’s something.

And of course today I woke up looking like a cross between Shirley Temple and the lead singer from A Flock of Seagulls so much reaching overhead for combing and brushing was needed to get my hair presentable for the public.


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