If the Buddha had a bosom

Last night my Yoga Flow class had what the teacher called a ‘ladder flow’, where one pose it taken and then after each vinyasa/chataranga it is repeated with another pose following it and so on. This is basically how I do all my flows at home so it felt very natural at first.

Crouching down dog was a new twist on a well-known pose and the ever-challenging three legged dog that makes my glutes ache the day after in an oh-so-good way.

Bow your Humble Horse a million times to insure inner thighs ache as much as the glutes do and I was back to dripping sweat all over my mat. Then add some eagle arms while you do so wide-legged forward fold to ensure you get up close and personal with your sweat-filled décolletage and I was ready to go jump in the snowbank even though it was -15F last night.

Still comparing myself shape-wise to the Buddha, the roly poly version at least.  I’m stronger, but I’m pretty sure that if the Buddha did yoga and had an ample bosom he would not be inclined to do any eagle arms, extensive twists or folds.

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