Memorial Day Weekend

We spent most of our weekend working on projects such as re-arranging the garage to make room for both motorcycles and doing stuff on my old Winnebago in prep for what will be a great week-long trip in Denali at the end of June, but on Sunday we took time off for ourselves to enjoy the great weather.

First Michael and I took his first ride out to Hilltop for some brunch on his new-to-him bike. We stopped at the pipeline viewing area in Fox on the way home, since it makes a great photo background. Once I go home I headed out to float the Chena River with Caroline. Dinner was grilled salmon burgers and salad and though Caroline didn’t stay for the movies, we watched Minions and then Tucker and Dale versus Evil, which I’m sure will be cult classic!


Silver Yamaha V-Star 1100 classic is Michael’s and the red Honda Shadow 750 is mine


Silver bike has a dent in the tank. It came that way and we plan to get it fixed.


Surprising delicious Halibut sandwich and fries.


I forget the actual name of this dish that Michael ordered, but I told him he should have called this “The Heart Attack” since it was a meat scramble with a side of meat in it topped with more meat.


Bikes at Hilltop.


Pipeline viewing area in Fox.


My kayaks.


Caroline likes the new kayak


I’m always picking up driftwood to bring home for my snakes. This piece was HUGE but I wanted it and so it stuck up like a mast out of my boat for part of the way of our float. I’m the lumber barge!

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