Biking in Denali Park: our first bike ride (Tuesday, June 28)

We took our bikes to Denali.  Susan had only bought hers a few days prior to leaving on the trip and during our entire trip she kept saying “It’s been 15 years since I got on a bike” and “I’m a novice!” which was quite entertaining. I’ve been riding a bike on and off since I was a kid but had primarily rode on the street; I had also just bought my new hybrid bike just a couple weeks earlier and had only logged about 15 miles on it , but we wanted to see what we could do; I’m sure both of our husbands thought we were crazy given our lack of experience.

Our first ride was to the overlook that is three miles from Teklanika Campground at approx. mile 26, then back (uphill) and then we decided to go up to the Teklanika Overlook which was almost all uphill so we walked a good portion of that.  However the ride back down from the over to the campground was fun and based on this ride we decided that we would try the ride from Sable Pass. We took our time and spent about three hours riding, resting and taking photos; we also estimate we rode about eight miles this first ride!


Bike ride on Tuesday, June 28. We rode about 8 miles total! This was the from the overlook that is three miles down from Teklanika Campground at approx. mile 26.


Susan enjoyed the ride to the lookout at about mile 26.


Ride Susan, ride!


Going uphill with buses passing us….


Finally at the top of the hill for the Teklanika Overlook. I’ve always wondered how they clean the pit toilets at the park. Now I know!

_DSC1300 _DSC1307


Sunny and hot at the top of the hill!


Bike ride on Tuesday, June 28. Teklanika Overlook.


This was taken close to the end of the first eight mile ride we did in Denali Park.

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