Boo-hoo, no pain drugs for me

I’m scheduled for a root canal tomorrow. I put it off until after the performance so that I could do the performance, knowing that I was hurting last week but figuring I could manage it. Yesterday I started having terrible pain so I called the dentist who gave me some antibiotics in case of infection and some pain meds to help until my appointment.

Now I can add tramadol to the list of meds I can’t take without having reactions that are worse than the relief it provides, at least while I’m awake. I guess while I slept last night I didn’t seem to notice the slew of adverse reactions I just spent an hour dealing with. This med also gives me heart palpitations, shaking, problems with seeing and concentration and overall feeling of anxiety and stress.

Guess I’ll have to get through another root canal on ibuprofen for pain management, at least while I’m awake. I vote for recovery through sleep!

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